College can be rough. I know that you know that, everyone knows that.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we did not prepare for or even expect and that’s okay. But preparation is key to survival in college. The best way to prepare is by listening to what college students have to say.

There are many clichés about college such as partying every night and not showing up to class like ever. This might be true for some people but I know it’s not for a good amount of people. It’s even harder to skip class and not be noticed in community colleges (where I go).

Here are some things I have learnt from my journey in college so far:

1. Do not procrastinate.

This might be the most cliche thing I could say but if you’re a college student you’ll understand why and if not, you’ll soon learn if you plan on attending college. Procrastinating and still receiving As/Bs might have worked in high school but you start procrastinating in college, you’ll be failing six classes when you’re only taking five. This isn’t to say you can’t have off days, but you have to be able to pull yourself back up so the work doesn’t pile up on you.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow she doesn’t procrastinate. She has it together.”

Well, this isn’t true and I am actually the worst procrastinator I know. Surprise!

The difference between me and a lot of people who procrastinate is that I know when I’ve reached my limit and go into full work mode.  I wish I was able to not procrastinate at all but it’s in my blood and I just can’t get rid of it.


2. Don’t be scared of your professor.

Don’t understand something? Ask.

A homework problem/question giving you problem? Ask.Not fully clear on a concept? Ask.

Not fully clear on a concept? Ask.

Your professor is there to teach you, not turn you away or judge you for not knowing something. I know not everyone is comfortable speaking out in class, especially a huge one, but that’s what office hours are for or even after class. There’s also emailing and I know many have a phone number to reach them as well.

Your teacher is another academic resource that you should take advantage of and most of them are really nice and helpful.


3.  Take advantage of your college’s tutoring service.

At my college, the tutoring services are free but I am not sure if it’s like that at every college. If it is like that at yours, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. I know a lot of people associate tutoring with being not smart, but they couldn’t be more wrong. People from all educational backgrounds use the tutoring service. If you don’t understand something, the tutors can help you and even if you do fully understand something, it can help to reinforce what you have learnt. Nothing everyone will work well with tutors or even need one, but the option is there.


4. Keep your syllabus nearby.

The syllabus will contain almost every question you will have about the class. From the professor’s contact information to the testing schedule. If you have a question about the class, it’s best to consult the syllabus first and if it’s not answered there, then you can go to your professor. If the answer to your question is there and you go to your professor, it will waste your time, her/his time and will also alert him/she that you did not care enough about the class to read the syllabus.


5. Always have a pair of shoes close to you if you’re in a lab class.

If you know anything about labs is that they take their dress code very seriously and for good reason. You will more than likely to be working with chemicals that aren’t dangerous enough to be isolated but dangerous enough to still cause harm. The dress code protects you from that imminent harm. If you are not wearing the proper shoes i.e. anything that does not cover your feet, then you will more than likely be turned away from the class.

If you drive to school, I definitely recommend keeping a pair of sneakers in your car just in case you forget that it’s lab day.

6.  Buy a planner.

I am usually the type of person who likes to buy planners because they’re cute and I have an infatuation with being that put together. I end up buying and using it for a week or two, then never looking back on it until I find it somewhere underneath some other useless things. If that sounds like you, let’s be friends!

But seriously, I hated doing that because I wasted money and trees. This summer, I bought a planner and have used it religiously. I don’t know if it’s because my sense of direction was guided by high school or the ‘adult’ in me, but I find it very pleasing to loosely organize my days and week. If you would like to know how I organize my planner, let me know!

7. Get ready to have bad days, worse days and great days.

College is hard. You will have bad days where you get frustrated, sad and annoyed with life itself. You will have worse days where you’ll probably start crying wishing you could start over again. Finally, you will have days where everything is perfect and you feel unstoppable.

There will be days where you want to give up and cry. There will be days where you think you’re worthless and will reach nowhere in life. You have a to push through and remember that you’re so much closer to your goal than you were when you started. Giving up now will set you ten steps backwards and the time and energy you took to do that would’ve put you two steps forward.

When it becomes too much, take a break.  Don’t push yourself past the breaking the point. Remember your health and wellness always comes first.

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