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Today I will be writing about my dual enrollment experience and hopefully, it will help anyone out there trying to figure out whether or not to do it.


What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a program that allows high schoolers to earn college credits at the local college/university while in high school. So you simultaneously take high school and college classes.


What are the requirements?

The best way to find out is by talking to your guidance counsellor or the coordinator of the program (if it is offered at your school). At my school, the requirements were:

  1. Minimum of 3.0 unweighted GPA
  2. Pass the college placement exam (P.E.R.T.) or pass the ACT/SAT with the minimum requirements


How did I participate?

After taking the placement test, I visited my guidance counsellor. My GC explained to me what my scores meant and where it would place me. Thankfully, I had high scores and was placed out of a math class (intermediate algebra).


How did I register?

I decided to start classes during the summer (Summer B). I went online and searched through the available courses for that summer then wrote down the course name, course ID and reference number. A few days later, I went to my GC and he filled out a form. After, my personal info was filled in. He instructed to bring that to the college, where they registered me for the classes and gave me instructions on how to proceed.


What did I do after registration?

I had to do a new student orientation online and collect my textbooks. It was quick, simple and easy.


What were the classes like?

I was really nervous before I started because it’s college level work! My nerves were justified because as I said in the sentence before, it is college level work. The classes weren’t hard but they also weren’t something to play with. If I am being completely honest though, I did not study for most of my tests. I did do every assignment I received though so that definitely helped.

What was the workload like?

It is a lot and if you do not know how to manage your time you will burn out. My first time participating in the program, I only took 2 classes. It wasn’t hard to manage but one required a lot of time because of the extensive amount of assignments. During the fall, I took 5 classes and that’s when the work became real. I wrote four or five essays along with the rough drafts and read a story/essay (every other day) for one class. I did online work for chapters and wrote a research paper for another. Did math homework on my math lab (if you have ever used this, you know the pain). And that did not include the quizzes and tests I had to do. Thankfully, for my other two classes, the homework given was not mandatory.

What classes did I take?

The classes I took were:

  1. Student Success
  2. College Algebra
  1. English Composition 1
  2. Pre-Calculus
  3. Intro to Psychology
  4. Chemistry 1
  5. Chemistry 1 Lab
  1. English Composition 2
  2. Plane Trigonometry
  3. Human Development
  4. Chemistry 2
  5. Chemistry Lab 2


 What were my grades like?

I got As for every class except Chemistry 2 and Plane Trigonometry. I received Bs for those two.


How were the professors/teachers?

I liked all my professors/teachers. They were all really great at teaching the material.


Do I regret taking these classes?

No. The classes really helped me to prepare for college. If I decide to attend a state university, the credits will be transferable or if I continue at the college, I will only have a year left.


Would I recommend these classes to everyone?

No. I would only recommend these classes to those who are determined to work hard and is able to manage their time efficiently. Please remember that these classes will affect your high school GPA.


Are you thinking about participating in your dual enrollment program or is there another program that sounds like this at your school? Have you participated in the dual enrollment program at your school? Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

Definitely, tell me in the comments and remember to share and subscribe!

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