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I think by this time, we have all heard of and/or seen an electric face brush. There are many pros to using them, but I did not jump on the bandwagon until recently. For some reason, I did not think it would benefit me and thought it would be rather irritating especially when I had large pimples all over my face. The price was another influential factor because I did not feel like paying one hundred plus dollars for an electrical handheld device that would perform the same duties as me if I spent more time on my face.

With all that being said, I recently took an interest in these devices but did not want to pay the high price for something I was not sure would work. As fate would have it, I went into Tjmaxx and saw one on the clearance rack for $2.99.

What a miracle!

” src=”” alt=”face” width=”1334″ height=”750″> Spa Savvy Face Brush
This one was by SPA SAVVY and it claimed to be a facial cleansing massager with two removable heads; one for foundation and one for cleansing.


  • The Affordability:

I should’ve seen the red flag there and then, but the cheapness blinded me into oblivion. The original price was $5.99 which was still very cheap for a facial brush.

  • The Cost:

I spent $2.99 on it so the fact that it did not work (foreshadowing am I?) was not extremely horrid.


  • My first problem with this product started before it was even turned on. The batteries would not fit properly into their compartment so it would not close. This was annoying to say the least because when you thought it was finally closed, it popped right back off. Thank you to my mom who found a way to close it.


  • My second problem was with the heads.  They would not screw on properly but after fighting with it for fifteen minutes, it went on correctly. It has two speeds: average and fast.


  • My third problem and probably the most irritating, relates to my first problem. When I turned on the device, the bottom section holding the batteries, popped right off. If I am being honest, I laughed when it happened. Using my better judgement, I decided to put it back on and continue my journey with it. I placed my hand firmly on the bottom then turned it on to prevent it from opening once more.


My first use did not leave me very impressed with the results. I liked how it felt while on my face, but after, my skin did not feel squeaky clean nor looked any different compared to washing it with my hands. I continued using it once to twice per day for a week,  but I do not think I will continue using it.

Now I can’t judge every face brush based off a cheap one I bought, but I am not sure if I would purchase a more expensive one at the moment.

Have you guys used any face brushes that you like or don’t like? If you have any suggestions, definitely leave them below in the comments!

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Until next time my loves, xo.

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