KISS Wing It Eyeliner

KISS is known for their amazing press on nails, but I have never heard anyone speak of their makeup products. Their newly released eyeliner is definitely something to talk about though. From its formula to low price; what’s not to love about this product?!














For $4.98, this small kit comes with the eyeliner, liner brush and a stencil to help draw your desired wing. I actually think it’s a really great price for all that is included. The eyeliner comes in a standard round container with their logo/name on the top of the cap. The brush is small and thin with brown-black hairs, while the stencil is a bit small, but is made out of the perfect material to keep it flat on your face.

The Eyeliner

The actual formula of the product is AMAZING! It is creamy and soft, almost like Vaseline but thicker and smoother. It is advertised as waterproof and smudge-proof which I did put to the test.

Waterproof: I tested it by throwing water on it and using a bit of pressure to remove it. It did hold up when water was thrown on it but sadly disappointed when I lightly rubbed it with water on a q-tip, then a makeup wipe. It came off with no hesitation. Honestly, I did not mind because I do not fancy waterproof products unless it is really necessary.

Smudge-proof: I was really impressed during this test. It did not budge at all when I tried wiping it away with my fingers and against my clothes. I also kept it on my arm for the entire day and it was still standing strong.


The Brush

I did not like this brush one bit. It felt soft against the skin on my arm but was really harsh against the skin by my eyes. It felt like something sharp was poking me.


The Stencil

This was very useful for me because I’m not very good at drawing wings, especially with my hooded eyes. It’s flexible and allows you to choose from six different types to draw your perfect wing.



I would definitely repurchase this product. Thank you so much for reading! Check out my latest post for a perfect first day of school makeup. If you enjoyed this review, definitely share it with your friends 🙂

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