What is an ID Picture?

An ID picture is generally a photo associated with a form of identification. Examples are pictures on your driver’s license and passport.

I don’t know about you, but ID pictures are some of the hardest photos to look amazing in. I know all of my official photos has come out looking like a deer caught in headlights. Do I purposely try to look like I don’t know what a camera is and is astonished by such a technological advancement? The answer is no, but I can’t seem to help myself especially when the flash goes off. If this sounds like you, the tips below will hopefully help you to take the best ID photo ever.

Tip #1: Bright Coloured Clothing

You should wear a bright coloured shirt to stand out against the background, but nothing neon!

Tip #2: Clothing Should Compliment Skin Tone

 The colour of the shirt should complement your skin tone, not compete with it. Don’t wear a colour that will wash you out.

Tip #3: Hair Styling

Style hair away from your face to make face look more lifted. Too much hair in the face will not only make your face greasy when the photo is ready to be taken but will also block the limited amount of light able to reach your face and might even cover key parts of your face. Try combing your hair in a low bun, low half-up-half-down or low ponytail with a few pieces dangling at the side.

Tip #4: Highlighting

 DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, pack on the highlighter. Less is definitely more here. Your glow might be impressive when done with an angled face and used with your phone camera but definitely not with your ID picture. The photo will come out looking greasy especially because flash is generally used.

Tip #5: Clean Teeth

If you plan on smiling with your teeth showing, make sure to check that there’s nothing in your teeth and if you have braces, it doesn’t hurt to triple check.

Tip #6: Teeth Whitening

 If possible, try using an at home teeth whitening kit to whiten those yellow stains or get it professionally done if you can afford it.

Tip #7: Simple Makeup

 Keep makeup simple. Again, less is more when it comes to your makeup. If you plan on wearing foundation, use one without SPF and skip the baking because of the flash.

Tip #8: Changing Appearance

 If there’s a temporary modification you want to make to your appearance, wait until after the picture is taken because IDs last a long time and you don’t want to keep retaking it every time you decide to try something new.

Tip #9: Posing

 Please do not overdo the posing. You should be natural and count to 2-3 before smiling so that the camera will capture that perfect smile not a second too late.


Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed, definitely be sure to share on your social media and check out my other posts! If you have any tips you’d like to share, certainly leave them in the comments. Until next time, lots of love!

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