Do you want to slay the school year and do something a bit extra on your first day? Here’s the makeup tutorial to help you do just that!

Summer is coming to an end which means school is right around the corner. Let’s have a moment of silence, please. As unfortunate as it may be, we need to prepare ourselves to slay the school year especially as a freshman because first impressions matter.

For those who like makeup or want to learn the basics and want a perfect first day look, this tutorial is for you.

*You do not need to wear makeup to school to slay, because each and every one of you, is beautiful just the way you are. And no I am not just saying that. I honestly find beauty in everyone.

**If you decide to use this tutorial, you do not need to follow everything to par. If there is something you don’t like, not comfortable with or do not want to do, adjust it to your preferences.

First Day of School Makeup


  • Moisturize your face and let that sit for at least a minute.
  • Then apply a primer all over with a focus on areas with large pores.
  • Once that ‘dries,’ dab apply a BB cream or CC cream on your face. Be careful not to use too much because you do not want a cakey or heavy face. The size of a dime should be good enough.
  • Use a beauty blender/sponge or a stippling brush to blend it into your skin.
  • Apply a pressed powder using a powder brush to all of your face. Two to three light taps should be sufficient to cover your face.
  • Use a bronzer that’s one to two shades darker than you and apply it using an angled fluffy brush. It is generally applied on the areas where the sun would hit. Lightly tap the brush in the formula and sweep it across your forehead, and cheekbones.
  • Then use a natural coloured blush on your cheeks using a light hand and a fluffy brush.


  • Lightly press a tissue paper on your eyebrows so that any excess product or moisture will be removed. I find that it’s much easier to apply products to your brows.
  • Using an eyebrow pencil, start tracing it against your eyebrows at the bottom in the middle and continue to the end. Brush down the hair at the top and begin to trace there as well. Remember to follow the natural shape of your brows.
  • Once you are done tracing, fill in any sparse areas. Then use a spoolie brush to blend.
  • Clean up with a damp q-tip.
  • Use a small angled brush to apply a concealer that’s the same colour as your skin/bb cream/cc cream under your brows. Blend with a small blending brush and ensure there are no harsh lines.

Mine came out like this:


  • Use an eye primer on your eyelids before starting or apply concealer then set with powder.
  • Take a light brown shadow and apply it all over your lid using a fluffy shadow brush.

*Tape can be used to help guide you.

  • On your brow bone (under your eyebrow), apply a highlighter colour.
  • Using a gel liner or whichever eyeliner you feel comfortable with, line your upper lash line and draw a wing. If you have hooded eyes, watch this video to help you draw it.

*As stated at the beginning, this is definitely optional.

  • Using a spoolie, brush through your lashes to separate them so that your mascara may go on smoothly and be less clumpy. Then apply your mascara.

The eyes should look similar to this:


  • Moisturize them with lip balm, then apply a clear lip gloss to make them pop a bit.

As stated above, these steps can be adjusted to your personal preference. I know a lot of people will find it to be excess which I can understand from their perspective because personally I barely wear makeup much less to do this much for school. But on the first day of school, most people like to do something a bit extra and I think this tutorial is perfect for that.

I’ll be doing an everyday makeup tutorial for those who like to wear a little bit of makeup every day and will also be sharing my first-day makeup tutorial.

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